COVID-19 & Influenza-Like Illness Assessment Clinic

Who should be tested for COVID-19?

If you have symptom(s) that may be due to COVID-19, even if it is mild in nature, we strongly suggest that you self-isolate immediately and contact us for COVID-19 testing. We are seeing many people with very mild symptoms test positive for COVID-19.

As per the BCCDC testing criteria, we do not test for COVID-19 unless you have symptoms.

If you are not feeling sick but require COVID-19 testing for travel purposes, please go to our dedicated Essential Travel page.

How to Get a COVID-19 Test

At the Tri-Cities COVID-19 and Influenza Like Illness Assessment Clinic, we ask that everyone receive a phone consultation with one of our physicians first. This ensures that COVID-19 testing is appropriate, and it also minimizes the time that you are at our clinic. Also, this allows you to be at home, while you wait for your consultation. Once you speak with our doctors, they will give you an appointment time for testing later in the day, or the next day.

If you have spoken to your own doctor already and they have recommended that you get tested, please make sure you ask your doctor to send a referral to our clinic. When we receive the referral from your doctor, we will call you for an appointment time.

Our clinic does not accept walk-ins. The quickest way to get a COVID-19 test is to register online with the form below.

Please do not contact multiple testing sites for COVID-19 testing. This is very wasteful on all our resources. If you register with our clinic, we will schedule your testing appointment for the same day, or the morning of the next day.

Details on our Testing Process

  1. Register for a phone consultation using our online form below.
    • Please make sure you enter your full legal name as it appears on your identification, phone number, health care card number and date of birth correctly.
    • If you are having trouble using the form, then please email us at or call us at 236-996-9000. Note: Our phone lines are extremely busy.
  2. Wait for email confirmation.
    • Once we receive your registration, we will email you a confirmation within 1-2 hours. If you registered before 8AM, you will receive the email confirmation by 9AM.
  3. Wait at home for a phone call from our doctors.
    • Once you have received an email confirmation, that means you have been added to the phone consultation list. Our doctors will call you for a phone consultation by the specified time.
    • IMPORTANT! The phone call will come from a BLOCKED or PRIVATE number. Please do not ignore these calls. If your phone is set to ignore blocked or private numbers, please consider changing this temporarily until our doctors call.
  4. Attend the clinic at the scheduled appointment time.
    • The doctor on the phone will give you an appointment time. Please arrive on time. Do not come early, as we do not want you to wait in our waiting room unless it is necessary.
    • WEAR A FACE MASK before entering the clinic. A cloth face mask is fine.
    • CLEAN YOUR HANDS when you enter and leave the clinic. Please do not wear gloves.
    • ONLY BRING ESSENTIAL items. Try to minimize what you bring into the clinic. We strive to get you in and out of the clinic within 15 minutes of your appointment time.

How Do I Get My Results?

Most results take 3 calendar days. Oftentimes, results will come back in 2 calendar days. We cannot expedite your test.

To get your result, sign up for the BCCDC text notification service. In order for this to work, you need to give us your BC PHN.

Otherwise, if you want your results, please email our clinic in 3 calendar days and our doctor will call you to give you your result.

In the meantime, it is especially important you isolate yourself until you feel better and until you get your result.

Location & Contact Information

This COVID-19 & Influenza Like Illness Assessment Clinic is located inside the:

Integrated Wellness Medical Centre (Port Coquitlam)
A120-2099 Lougheed Hwy
Port Coquitlam, BC, V3B 1A8

We are located at NE corner of Shaughnessy and Lougheed Hwy, by the Kinsmen Club and outdoor pool. There is ample free parking. Use the parking lot and enter from the parking lot entrance.

Clinic hours: Monday – Friday 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM. Closed on Sundays and holidays.

Self-Assessment Tools

Please use the the Government of British Columbia COVID-19 self-assessment tool.

Feeling Sick?

Please contact your family doctor. If they are unavailable, you may call 8-1-1 (BC HealthLink line) to speak with a registered nurse about your symptoms. Alternatively, you may follow the Virtual Appointment Process section below to begin the process of setting up an appointment.

References / Data Sources

It is very important during these times to ensure you are getting your COVID-19-related information from an official source, including your trusted medical professionals. For sources of information, we recommend the BC Centre for Disease Control (BC CDC) COVID-19 page, or the Government of British Columbia COVID-19 page for the latest COVID-19-related health & safety advice, statistics, and news in British Columbia.

Telehealth Registration Form

Please complete this form for a phone consultation with one of our doctors. The form is secured using SHA-256 with RSA Encryption security.


  1. Please complete a separate form for each person in your household who is experiencing potential COVID-19 symptoms and require an assessment.
  2. Enter your full legal name as it appears on your identification and phone number correctly, without any spaces or dashes.
  3. Enter your British Columbia Personal Health Number (PHN) and date of birth correctly. Without your PHN, you cannot sign up for the BCCDC text notification service. Please do not use any spaces or dashes.
    – If you are from out of province, please enter your provincial health care card number. Also, enter your home address (not where you are staying in BC).
    – If you are not a Canadian resident or citizen, then please leave the PHN box blank.

Our office is open 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM. If you register online outside of office hours, you will receive an email the next day when the office is open.


All data collected and submitted via this form is encrypted with TLS during transit to our office.

Tri-Cities COVID-19 & ILI Assessment Clinic closing after October 2nd, 2020

Please see public statements from our doctors

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